Sunday, October 30, 2005

Wet Sunday in Oslo

Well it is Sunday the last day of our visit to Torshov, we go home tomorrow. I had hoped to post a selection of photographs of the locality but the past few days have been grey and wet and today is no exception. In fact today is double crap as it is misty as well. I have only taken a few photos and they are hardly worth posting. So what else can I post?

I was listening to BBC Radio 2 on the Internet on Friday, as I have been doing most days. I have to say the Internet is the ex-pats best friend in so many ways but most of all as it allows us to listen to Wogan in the morning, Jeremy Vine at lunch time , Johnny Walker in the afternoon and most important the Archers in the evening or best of all you can listen again at anytime. As I said I was listening to Wogan on Friday morning. For reasons best known to the BBC it was being presented by Johnny Walker, who has to be the best DJ on radio 2 but that is another matter. We were about 15 mins into the programme and Johnny played a hilarious track entitled Jose Murino's half time talk. Apparently this item was composed by a group of Irish radio presenters and is not available commercially. At the end of the track I thought, I wish I had paid attention to that it sounded hilarious. I also wish I had recorded it. It was now Sunday, I checked the BBC website for "Listen again" and as luck would have it Wogans Friday show was still available and sure enough about 15 mins into the programme was the Murino track. How can I record it?
HiQ streaming audio recorder
A quick google revealed a number of audio recorders, most were commercial or shareware programmes, not expensive but I was looking for something free. The suggestions were to look for a Streaming Audio recorder rather than a straight recorder. I had a look at the News groups and searched for BBC radio streaming audio recorder. The first in the list was looked promising Quite an interesting set of posts but the gem was a link in the last post for FREE Hi-Q Recorder This is a fantastic piece of software that will allow recording from any audio source as an MP3. To record the BBC stream all you do is start the BBC Player and as soon as your programme or track cue's press the record button on HiQ and you are away. The software has all sorts of useful facilities including a timer but I have not had time to check them out yet.

Sunday Lunch
Traditionally we take the family out for Sunday lunch, they choose, we pay. All we knew it was a restaurant down Grunerlokka way. Turned out to be the far side at Schous plass, yes for all you Liverpudlians, the home of Scouse, more of that later. A long walk, 30 mins later and a bit damp we arrived at a magnificent granite building, that was previously a bank. Shades of downtown Liverpool. The place was called SUDOST, should have an umlout over the U, very interesting interior, big roaring fires, Long oak tables as well as individual ones, a cafe at the entrance and the old strong rooms as the wine store. Very quaint. The menu was limited, I had the special, neck pork with beetroot, excellent. Irene had grilled cod, Lill, red snapper and Andrew crispy duck, the universal verdict was excellent, well cooked and very tasty. Good bisto style food. The girls had white wine, a Chablis and Andrew a red, not sure what, I had beer. Sweets were creme brule x 3 and autumn fruit compote, again all excellent. Service was very good considering the place was busy. The only downside was the bill, with 10% tip, came to NKR 1600 (£145), I have just finished washing the pans! Sounds expensive! You have to remember the wine cost as much as the meal and there is 25% VAT added, phew!

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