Friday, February 16, 2007

XDRIVE - Share and store files online

Sending large files, pictures etc. as email attachments can be a problem with some ISP's. This is usually because they put a cap on the file size you can upload. There can also be a problem uploading files with a forbidden extension such as "exe" because it could be something dodgy. Google Mail is clever enough to spot exe files even if you wrap them in a zip file.

One way around this is to use an on-line file storage and sharing facility. One I signed up to some time ago was XDRIVE which is now owned by AOL, ugh! But never fear you do not have to be an AOL user to use XDRIVE but you do need an AOL "Screen Name" which in AOL speak for an AOL email address. You get 5GB of on-line storage.

To sign up go to this XDRIVE link and follow the "sign up for free" link. We know that AOL never make things easy and true to form they don't. The form that appears is designed for USA residents only, I could not find a UK version, as a result to complete the form you will need a USA phone number and a legitimate USA Zip Code. Be warned your application will be rejected if you try to use UK numbers or Post Code, as I discovered after my 10th attempt. Try these:-
  • Phone - 3608344822
  • Zip - 35801
When you have finished the registration you just need to create a folder called "Share", you can call it what you like of course but I find it helps my Alzheimer's if I have a clue what the folder is for! You then add the email addresses of those you want to share files with. They will be sent an email inviting them to share your XDRIVE. Avoid the trap to make you sign up for AOL unless you want to of course, but who would want to.

XDRIVE is also a great facility for backing up files, particularly your image files. There is an Power Tool addon which enables you to drag and drop files and folders inside Windows Explorer. This is definitely worth downloading if you are going to get the best out of XDRIVE.

Oh yes and it's FREE.

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