Friday, February 18, 2011

Gulrotbrød (Carrot Bread) Recipe

One of the pleasures of visiting Oslo is enjoying the wide variety of craft bread available. One of our favourites is Gulrotbrøt, carrot bread. Since I became interested in bread making I have been searching for a suitable recipe. Most of the Google options are of American origin and really glorified carrot cake. I eventually found one today and realised I could have worked it out for myself! Essentially a basic bread recipe with grated carrot added! Not exactly rocket science. Here is my adaptation:-

250g strong white flour
250g wholemeal flour
2 medium carrots finely grated the quantity is not critical
2 tablespoons Olive oil
1 pkt dried quick yeast
1½ teaspoons salt
1 teaspoon sugar (optional)
Water to make a workable dough approx 250ml depends how wet your carrots are

I mix with a Kenwood with dough hook for 5 minutes. I added the water until the ball of dough formed but as it mixed it became a little wet so I added extra white flour, about a heaped tablespoonful. I start with the flour add water last.

Make a ball of dough in the normal way on a floured surface and place in a standard oiled loaf tin. Cover with oiled cling film and leave till the dough has risen to the top of the tin in a warm place 45min to 1½ hours or until risen. Place in middle of a pre-heated oven at 200C for 40 min (fan oven). Leave to cool before cutting, if you can wait that long! Delicious

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