Monday, May 08, 2006

Picasa - Pretty as a Picture

Everyone knows that Google is everyones favourite search engine but how many of you have clicked the more>> link just above the search entry box? There are lots of interesting things to be found, STOP before you get distracted the link you need to follow is down at the bottom in the TOOLS section. One of the best FREE programmes on the net is PICASA.If you have ever struggled searching for your computer for thoise photographs you are sure are there somewhere. If you have sweated trying to remove Red Eye from your photos. If you have pissed everyone off by sending them a photo that took 2 weeks to download. If you ever wanted to turn a photo into a wonderful black and white masterpiece. Then you need PICASA. Googles fantastic free image storage/manipulation programme which installs at the click of a key on a broadband connection, needs no setting up and works straight out of the box! It works with W98 and XP and is very intuative. Even if you have Photoshop installed on your computer you will find PICASA much easier and faster to use for lots of photo manipulation and printing jobs. OK thats enough of the hard sell for now get PICASA now and try it for your self.

Go to Google, locate the more>> link which is to the righthand side and just above the box where you normally type your search query. Click the link and scroll down the new page till you can see the Google Tools section towards the bottom of the page or you could click here to go to Picasa directly.

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